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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 21, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> they were second graders having sex in the classroom. the furious parents at one bay area elementary school. >> you might be scared, you know, of course, you know, because he committed a crime. he took the baby without permission. >> don't make him suffer any more, it's been three days already he has been gone. he needs to come home. >> two motors with the same message, what they are saying about the man accused of kidnapping a little boy
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. boy.(july10.ecl) everyone is taken aback. it's a shocking incident. a spokesman said there were two separate occurrences they are investigating. last week several students reportedly took off their clothes inside a classroom while a teacher was present. even more surprising, in this
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same classroom, a boy and a girl engaged in oral sex, two 2nd graders, again while the teacher was there. >> agains, it's hard to understand how that could have occurred given the severity of the events. >> reporter: all the principal could do is send out an apology outlining the allegations. principal pam booker said this "represents and unacceptable lack of supervision. i understand there's great anger over this news. >> sounds like the teach service brain dead. >> reporter: outrage is what poured out of dwight munson. his gratinees is a kindergartener at marcum. >> when somebody allows that to happen who is responsible for this? not the child. the child is underage. the child doesn't probably even know any better. >> it is shocking to think that this could happen at that age but we have to confirm the reality of our society and not put our heads in the sand, we
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have to address it and try to put in measures to make sure these things don't happen. >> reporter: as far as a teacher who is involved in this investigation the school district says he has not been allowed back on campus. if it's found that this is true the district says there is no question that this this is a able offense but as far as the background they say there is no evidence that anything like this has happened before. ken? >> it's crazy. so every parent in the bay area watching this right now is asking the same thing. what was that teacher doing? >> reporter: you know what, the school district doesn't know that either but they were very quick to come forward today to apologize, they made no bones, they were saying this, if it's true, is very wrong and they were going to take every measure they can to make sure this doesn't happen. ken? >> grace lee in oakland, thank you grace. three days, still no sign of a 4-year-old boy ripped from the arms of his grandmother. tonight for the first time we hear from the alleged
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kidnapper's mother. kiet do is outside the house in patterson where the little boy lived. kiet. >> reporter: we want to update you of the situation at a canal about three miles away from the house which has been the focus of an intense search for this boy. the stanislaw sheriff's office had called off the access but then they learned they had access to sonar equipment so they will be back to look at the one section of the canal that was too dangerous for divers to go into. as far as the situation here at the cardenas family house still a lot of hope and tears. for the first time tonight we get to see home video of happier times. this is a playful giuliani two weeks before police say josi rodriguez stormed into the home and tore the 4-year-old from the arms of his grandmother, ampero. it has been a heart-wrenching three days. >> losing the day is never gonna end, the day is never gonna end, and it's waiting and
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waiting. >> reporter: also, tonight for the first time, we hear from the suspect's mother donna avala. >> he might be scared you know, he is just a baby without permission. >> reporter: but she defends rodriguez saying he was a hard worker and a good father to giuliani even though the boy wasn't his biological son. she refutes reports he was dealing with mental problems. >> one time, occasion, he had the hearing voices part and the schizophrenic but he was never on medication or anything like that. that was just a one-time thing and he got over it himself and stuff like that. that's all i can say. >> reporter: this is surveillance video taken just before the alleged kidnapping showing rodriguez getting into the suspected getaway car, a silver toyota corolla. investigators thought they had found the car in a nearby canal but it turned out to be a false alarm. take bye that cards is the missing boy's mother and is also 8 months pregnant with the
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missing man's baby. >> if you love him why are you making him suffer like this. you told him how much you loved him all the time. don't make him suffer any more, it's been three days already he has been gone. he needs to come home. >> josi, if you see me out there, boy, you come home because mom didn't raise you like that and we're waiting and we love you and just come home. . >> reporter: and the license plate of that thuy silver toyota corolla is 6hdw445. there is also a facebook page now called "find giuliani cardenas, it's up to 600 members and it's become a clearing house of love and support and sympathy for the cardenas family. one final note here, no one, not the boy's mother or grandmother or even the suspect's mother, believe that josi rodriguez would hurt little giuliani. ken. >> kiet do with the latest.
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thank you kiet. the feds call a private online university based in pleasanton asham. prosecutors say tri-valley university is a front to provide immigration status to foreigners. immigration and customs enforcement agents served warrants at the campus on boulder court. also in the news, bedbugs have been found another an apartment complex in mountainview. exterminators are using heaters and special fans to try to get rid of the pest at the ab a lon at creek side apartments, exterminators say they are fighting bedbug infestations up and down the peninsula. stanford allowed rotc to return to the campus. they say the move to repeal the don't ask/don't tell policy removes one of the bare areas areas. it's up to the professors. they are expected to make a
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recommendation in may. twins are about to embark an doing things together but it will ultimately lead to them being apart for the first time in their lives. why the young women are both choosing the army. is heading to a houston >> reporter: with family gathered round 18-year-old identical twins malissa and may lynn talk about their upcoming adventure. army basic training. it came at a tumultuous time for the family days before the mother died of cancer. >> it was a sad time not just for her but for the whole family. but she was just happy there was something good in our future we chose to do. >> reporter: the twins aunt says her sister cried and struggled with the twins' decision buddy eventually gave her blessing before she died. >> i feel so proud of them and i wish my sister was here but i know she is in heaven now and god will be protecting them and if -- i'm going to be praying that there is no war, but if
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there is, i'm sure they are gonna do their best. >> reporter: they will join the army reserve. her twin may lynn will join the regular army. parting hurts they say. >> it does because i've never been apart for her more than a week. but it also is giving us a way, like, room to separate and grow apart and -- because we're not always going to be able to live together. >> reporter: the two green card citizen residents will be fast tracked for citizenship in 10 weeks but say that's not the reason they signed up. >> we're gonna serve our country and we are gonna, if we have to go into battle, that's what we're gonna do. >> i feel proud to serve my country. it's my country now, i have been here 10 years so i'm proud of that. >> reporter: it's heady days. their story is picked up by news stories and television. their life have changed, they are about to find out how much. gabrielle giffords is heading to a houston rehabilitation center tomorrow.
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she was outdoors for the first time today since being shot in the head almost two weeks ago. her husband helped wheel her hospital bed outside to take a peek at the mountains, get some sunshine. in terms of her progress, she has been able to stand up and actually scroll through pictures on an ipad. giffords has not yet talked. a >> she will smile at me, she will do some -- a couple things she will only do around me, pat me in the face. she used to do that before. >> giffords has not yet talked and the right side of her body is very weak. her doctors say she will likely have to relearn even basic tasks such as brushing her teeth. 12 years of puttin with a lot of ot also tonight we're hearing the voice of a month december tow woman who was not able to speak for more than a decade. like a robot, wanted to talk again, and i >> but after 12 years of putting up with a lot of humiliation, a lot of teasing, not only from the kids but from adults staring because i talked with a mechanical machine and i sounded like a robot, i wanted
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to talk again, and i'm doin' it. >> uc davis surgeons successfully completed the world's second voice box transplant on brenda charlotte. she lost her ability to speak 11 years ago due to complications from another surgery. she received a new voice box from an accident victim. so she found her restored voices still her own. doctors will remove the trach yacht me tube in her throat later this year. it was a round up of all the who's who of new york monsters. what led to the largest mafia bust in f.b.i. history. and: why its les and meg whitman has a new gig. the message she has for jerry brown. lumpy, baby fat, mush and and why it's nothing but smiles for these kids. . >> 16. i want you to remember that number, 16. we'll talk about it in the pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. which witness news product to you by nome i don't and juliette. lumpy, baby fat, mush and meatball. those are some of the nicknames for grown men accused in the f.b.i.'s largest-ever roundup of suspected monsters. randall pinkston shows us the long list of charges suspected crime family members are facing. >> reporter: it's the largest
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mafia bust in f.b.i. history. 150 suspected monsters were arrested in several states, the massive operation involved multiple agencies and targeted the country's best known crime nfl lease la companies a nose tra. >> extortion, illegal gambling, arson, loan sharking and labor racketeering. >> some have colorful nick names like vinny car wash, tony big else. but they also nabbed top members including the rebaltimored head of new england's crime family, liu ouija nocioni i don't. he is accused of collecting payments from strip club owners. high ranking members are suspected of carrying out hits on some of their own families. some killings were almost casual. >> two other victims were shot in a public bar because of a dispute over a spilled drink. the indictments also charge accused monsters of extorting unions and construction companies and even forcing
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dockworkers to kick back part of their holiday pay to the mob. the f.b.i. has continued to go after the crime families with informants. >> the end of a corporate ceo does not spell the end of a company. neither does the incarceration of a mob boss or other key executives mean the dissolution of their families. >> reporter: and because of that they say their battle against organized crime is far from over. randall pinkston, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> she didn't win the governor's race but now she can put hewlett packard board member on her resume. she was named today after four board members decided not to run for re-election. they have hit rocky times with their shareholders since the abrupt exit of ceo mark hurd triggered questions about the size of his severance and the fact he went straight to work at oracle. also, whitman says she hopes jerry brown is successful as
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governor telling the chronicle "california needs him to be successful. let's give the guy a chance. let's see what he can do." we saw a long way today because it was sunny outside roberta. >> visibility unlimited and oakland airport at 67 degrees shattering the record of 84 setback in 1969. the moon was at its fullest state last night but looks good to me and clear skies. with the lack of any kind of cloud cover and the lack of any wind it's going to get down right chilly tonight santa rosa 34 degrees, mid-30s tri- valley, low 40s santa clara valley and you'll notice mid- 40s common across the central bay. for your commute bundle up at the door, quite chilly in the inland areas. official sun up 7:22 and you'll be able to see it because we're under the influence of high pressure, i want you to remember that the wind rotates in a crock wise fashion around the area of high pressure.
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that's why we had the gusty winds earlier this morning as those winds came out of the north and the east and really, we saw winds up to 250 miles per hour, from about 1,000 to 1300 feet elevation. those winds have died down considerably. we'll see some fog now developing around the fresno area where fog advisory is affected until tomorrow morning. upper 40s, no change all weekend long, we're basking in sunshine and temperatures coming down just slightly tomorrow. all due to, now, a northwest wind, 5 to 10, again from the north and to the west, out of the west i should say. that's why those numbers are coming down, down from 66 to 65 degrees. there you have the extended forecast and remember i mentioned that number 16? well the computer models are alluding to 16 dry days in a row until any kind of rain is in the forecast. and depending, earlier ken, you were talking about some windy conditions. >> uh-huh. >> i love this.
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rita williams grabbed her phone, took a picture with it, sent it into us, she was thinking about it here at cbs5. this was over at broadway terrace at oakland, thankfully it landed away from the road. that is certainly good news. eh keep those photos coming to my pix. >> she was thinking i'm glad it didn't land on my house. >> yes she was. a good call there. no frowns to be town found at one san francisco school today. >> eat, smile and be nice. >> why is everybody so happy? well, today was smile day at apgene school. students were encouraged to smile at each other all day today. it's part of respect week in the san francisco unified school district. we'll be right back with ,,,,,,,
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in afghanistan. but they're not the same. you hear the words and you know they relate to one thing. the war in afghanistan. but they are not the same. david ma zia from vallejo wants to know what is the difference between al queda and the taliban. steven zunes - usf - that's tonight's good question. their names are synonymous with
2:01 am
6 terror but there are many difference. >> al queda is a network of underground terror cells led bio zama bin laden mostly arabs from the peninsula which for a time found sanctuary in afghanistan when they ruled that country. >> steve junes. >> there is now a pakistani taliban as well that grew out of refugee cam camps in pakistan where they lived during the soviet occupation and wars there. >> he says both groups have a strong islamist orientation although neither is considered mainstream. >> most muslims would tell you it's a very cull tissue interpretation of islam to be sure. >> another difference says the sal eye ban has never attacked the united states outside of afghanistan or the border regions of pakistan, focusing more on try balance issues and concerns among the pashtun
2:02 am
people. >> where as al-qaeda is kind of murder incorporated. they are the folks that really have a fanatical anti-american agenda, they are apocalyptic and they are ideology, genocide al in their methods, they go well be on the local and tribal agenda. >> >> go to cbs and click on icon to send us your question. >> a star tennis player gets revenge on a tv reporter. dennis o'donnell and a showdown at naples. at naples. can ucla unseat stanford. ,, take one of those pillows and take a big smell. they smell really fresh. what if we told you we washed these sheets seven days ago? really? no way. are you serious?
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tonight, faced 8th ranked ucla, undefeated in the pac-10.. nikki caldwell has the bruin women off to their b since losing his to stanford the women have won 9 straight. nicky caldwell has the bruin women off to the fast start. that didn't seem to phase
2:05 am
fourth-ranked stanford. kayla peterson, 18. cardinal led by 35, took care of the bruins low 38. nicky caldwell never saw this at her assist and underpass summit. neck a gets good position low post. they blow out ucla 64-38. their 55th straight win at naples. on the men's side reeves nelson scored 24 including a tip-in at the buzzer, an 86-84 win over the cal men and the men of troy took care of stanford 65-42. it's has not been a great season for joe pavelski. he need add spark. little joe and the sharks taking on the western conference leading vancouver canucks. big pavelski fires one past roberto luongo to give the sharks the advantage and putting pressure on ryan kesler. he gets denied by antti niemi, perfect on the shooter, sharks aren't quite dead.
2:06 am
beat the canucks 2-1, won 2 straight. al saunders twice interviewed for the head coaching job, kim coyle staked him out ice steve weissman. twice. he finally got a job at oakland, the defensive coordinator. kim clijsters but the highlights of her match came afterwards in an interview with an on court reporter. >> renee stubs told me she sowed me a text message you wrote to her about me in sydnie. >> what did i say? >> you thought i was pregnant. >> oh, no. let me say what was written in the message, first of all, he says "she looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger." >> oh my goodness. well that's the end of my tv career, thank you very much. >> number 4; the usf is now 3-1 in the west coast conference, mikey williams to the rack, 2 of his 18, they beat them 81-
2:07 am
74. number 4, keep an eye on the blues goalie. on the bottom of the screen, look at the kick, dave, look at that kick dave, but the wings beat the blues. number 2, what goes up must come down isiah thomas lobs it. the huskies beat arizona to take over first place in the pac-10. how about that, huh. number 1, santa clara's kevin foster knocked down six threes, he scored a career-high 36 and the broncos shock gonzaga 85-71. they go nuts in santa clara. it's the first time santa clara has beaten mighty zags since 2000. the coach terry keating was trying to be cool. no chance, his biggest win. >> i tell you what, texting is gonna ruin the world. >> don't -- >> the lady who fell in the pond, in the mountain in the mall, is going to get picked up by someone, going to see it. >> first rule for men, never ask a woman if she is pregnant.
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>> ah -- >> that would be rule number 5 or not. >> that was ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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